May 29, 2020

CMD-IT Hosts First Academic Career Workshop Webinar

Timothy Pinkston

CMD-IT, in collaboration with AccessComputing and CAHSI, hosted the first webinar of the 2020 Academic Careers Workshop for Underrepresented Junior Faculty and Senior Graduate Students. With the shelter in place orders, the decision was made to convert the usual 3 day workshop into a series of webinars.

The first webinar entitled Writing Competitive Research Proposals was presented on May 11th by Timothy Pinkston, George Pfleger Chair in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Southern California (USC). The workshop included 17 attendees representing 16 academic institutions.

Dr. Pinkston provided the attendees with an in depth look at how to navigate the process of creating a fundable research proposal. “A fundable proposal describes a good idea and attainable goal, well expressed and motivated, with a clear indication of methods for pursuing the idea, evaluating the findings, making them known and having a broad impact.”

The Academic Career Workshops are funded by the NSF CE21 grant. Additional webinars will be presented in coming months.