September 29, 2020

CMD-IT Innovation Solutions Challenge

CMD-IT’s tagline is “Fostering Innovation Through Inclusion”. We are just the community to take Innovation to the next level by including our perspectives, our experience and our culture. How can we make an impact in our own communities through technology innovation? If you’re a student, think about what you’re learning in the classroom and how to imply it to solve real problems. If you’re a faculty, maybe consider this challenge as part of a graded course project. Or, maybe you want to sign up as a University team. If you’re from industry and mentoring the next generation of problem solvers to think outside the box, participate as a technical mentor. 

All are welcome. Applications open October 15. You can start to submit your solutions January 1, 2021 through March 31, 2021. Some of our Tapia sponsors are submitting their challenges soon. 

Read more about the Innovation Solutions Challenge and coordinate your team today to start collaborating, learning and innovating today!