September 29, 2020

Tapia 2020 Highlights

Thank you for an amazing opportunity to host our 14th occurrence of the ACM Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing Conference. We hope you had an amazing time and share what you learn with your fellow students, faculty and colleagues. We are currently working on posting videos to the conference platform and should at least have all plenary sessions posted by this week. Plenary includes Fireside introduction, panel discussion, Invited speaker on Wednesday, Early career panel on Thursday and Ken Kennedy Distinguished lecturer on Friday. 

First, a Thank You to our Tapia 2020 conference committee.

Tapia 2020 Organizing Committee
Tapia 2020 Conference Committee

But Tapia was filled with so much pride, honor and hope! 

We honor and celebrate our past.

We honor and celebrate our present contributors.

We are inspired by new leaders of today. 

“We don’t need professional minorities. We need professionals who happen to be minorities.”

Dr. Richard Tapia, Tapia 2020 conference

Many attendees were able to connect with companies, schools and others in the Computing.

Received great advice as to why we all belong in this field.

Celebrate our Hope of the Future.

“Excellence can be black, brown, white, you can give a lot because excellence comes in all flavors.”

Dr. Richard Tapia, Tapia 2020 conference

Learning, Collaborating, Contributing to the conversation.

And, as always, we celebrate Community!

How has Tapia impacted you? What did you learn from the sessions you attended? Were you inspired to do more and be more? Did you connect with new companies, students, faculty and professionals?

We hope Tapia has created a unique virtual experience where you were inspired by the speakers, programming and connections you’ve made. Dr. Richard Tapia continues to inspire us all and hoping some of his quotes from closing the conference leaves you aspiring to greater contribution to society. Until next year, Thank you!

“You may not be the best, but be good enough to contribute significantly to life. Roll with the big dogs.”

Dr. Richard Tapia, Tapia 2020 conference