June 30, 2022

5 Reasons to Attend Tapia Conference 2022

The Tapia Conference is the premier venue that acknowledges, promotes, and celebrates diversity in computing by bringing together the community for technical and professional enrichment. Tapia 2022 will unite students, faculty, researchers, and professionals from all backgrounds and ethnicities over four days of engaging activities in Washington, D.C. Attendees will participate in panels, workshops, doctoral consortiums, networking, talks from key speakers, and more. Keep reading for five reasons you don’t want to miss Tapia 2022.

Reason #1: Join an Inclusive Community

This year’s Tapia Conference theme is “A Time to Celebrate!  Resilience, Adaptability and Innovation in Computing.” By attending Tapia 2022, you’ll be joining an inclusive community committed to celebrating the elements perfectly described by our conference theme – resilience, adaptability, and innovation. You’ll have the opportunity to network with a host of students, professionals, and friends across the Tapia Community. Best of all, the conference boasts a comfortable environment where people from common backgrounds, ethnicities, disabilities, and genders can connect. Many of the communities formed at Tapia extend beyond the conference.

Reason #2: Gain Professional Insight

Another great feature of Tapia 2022 is our Student Professional Development Workshop, where students can gain insight into the computing field from industry and government professionals. The workshop provides a safe space for undergraduate and master’s students to receive coaching about the interview process and detailed feedback about their resumes as they prepare for the job market. 

Reason #3: Find Your Next Career Opportunity 

Tapia 2022 is the ideal place where you can find your next career opportunity. One of the highlights of the conference is the Tapia Career Fair, which facilitates meetings and interviews for attendees. You will have the chance to interact productively with representatives from many industry, government, academic, and nonprofit organizations. 

Reason #4: Learn From Diverse Speakers

Personal and professional enrichment go hand in hand at the Tapia Conference. In addition to networking and landing career opportunities, you can absorb a wealth of knowledge from our dynamic Plenary Speakers. You’ll hear from exceptional speakers in computing including:

  • Dr. Stacy Branham–Assistant Professor of Informatics, University of California, Irvine 
  • Dr. Josiah Hester–Breed Chair of Design, Segal Faculty Fellow, and Assistant Professor of Computer Engineering at Northwestern University. Presenting on A Batteryless Internet-of-Things: My Story of Handling Failure in Computing at Tapia 2022.
  • Dr. Ayanna Howard–Dean of Engineering at The Ohio State University and Monte Ahuja Endowed Dean’s Chair. Presenting on Robots, Ethics, and Society: Mitigating the Bias in Emerging Technologies at Tapia 2022.
  • Dr. Juan Sequeda–Principal Scientist at Presenting on A Knowledge First World at Tapia 2022.

Reason #5: Experience the Magic of Washington, D.C.

Tapia 2022 happens to be hosted in one of the most fascinating and historically important locations in the United States–Washington, D.C. There are countless museums and famous sights to peruse around town. Spend the weekend following the Tapia Conference sightseeing while you mull over new ideas and opportunities. 

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