January 31, 2023

5 Reasons to Be a Part of Tapia 2023

This fall, CMD-IT will convene computing and tech professionals, researchers, and students in person at the premier venue to acknowledge, promote and celebrate diversity in computing and IT. The 2023 CMD-IT/ACM Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing Conference will take place in Dallas, TX, September 13-15, 2023. There are many ways to get involved and take your conference participation to the next level in 2023. Learn how Tapia is delivering more engagement,  connections, career development, and visibility to organizations and participants this year.   

  1. Connections and Visibility– Tapia attracts nearly 2,000 participants from around the country each year. Students and professionals converge to network, share advice, and open doors for others in the industry, creating communities that extend beyond the conference. The annual event attracts undergraduate and graduate students from over 250 different colleges and universities. More than 2,000 resumes were shared to Tapia’s database in 2022.  
  2. Trends and Technical Presentations A mix of the industry’s and academia’s most influential voices will share their vision and expertise at panel discussions and presentations throughout the conference. Professional development opportunities offer a variety of engaging technical talks from leaders in computing, along with enrichment opportunities like professional development workshops, career fairs, and networking opportunities. Join the conversation as a speaker or presenter to share your own expertise.
  3. Celebrate Diversity in Computing and TechEngaging underrepresented communities in computing is essential to building a more diverse, representative, and innovative future for the industry. Tapia 2023 brings together a diverse collection of CMD-IT’s target communities: African Americans/Blacks, Native Americans/Indigenous People, Hispanics/ Latinxs, and People with Disabilities.
  4. Career Development & Employment Opportunities – Talent acquisition is expensive and strong leaders understand the importance of employee training and career planning. From leadership and communication to mentorship and career planning, Tapia 2023 provides the career development opportunities participants need to advance in their careers. Tapia 2023 provides participants the opportunity to secure valuable resume feedback and insights from HR professionals and government and industry leaders.
  5. Get Inspired – Get advice, share ideas, and foster future success with in-depth conversations with industry insiders with common backgrounds and exceptional experiences. Access participants working in areas such as AI, quantum computing, cybersecurity and more, with opportunities to connect with leaders in academia, industry, and government one-on-one. 

The Tapia Conference is named after Dr. Richard A. Tapia, a mathematician, and professor in the Department of Computational and Applied Mathematics at Rice University. Dr. Tapia is internationally known for his research in the computational and mathematical sciences and is a national leader in education and outreach. 

 Join us at Tapia 2023!

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