August 20, 2023

Black Business Month: 10 Black-Owned Tech Businesses to Support

Black Business Month CMD-IT Social Media Templates (1)

August marks Black Business Month, a time to recognize the inspiring journeys of Black entrepreneurs and acknowledge their economic impact. Black Business Month originated in 2004, founded by entrepreneur Frederick E. Jordan, with a purpose of promoting and encouraging the growth of Black-owned businesses. At CMD-IT, we believe that innovation requires inclusion for economic impact, and this month we’re highlighting 10 Black-owned tech companies changing the way we live, communicate, care for ourselves and support others. 

  1. Career Karma is an app created to help job training programs find qualified applicants, as well as match people with coding bootcamps to support them throughout their careers.
  2. Zyrobotics is an inclusive, educational technology for the diverse needs of children with differing abilities.
  3. Black Girls CODE is a global nonprofit that teaches computer programming and tech skills to girls and young women from underrepresented communities.
  4. Moving Analytics a digital cardiac rehabilitation and prevention program, delivered via mobile platform and health coaching.
  5. Gro Intelligence is fighting food insecurity and climate change. Growing up in Ethiopia during the famine years of the 1980s affected founder Sara Menker deeply, and in 2014, she started Gro to provide data and models to a wide variety of clients to help them plan for climate emergencies. 
  6. Re-Nuble is an agricultural tech startup based in New York that transforms food waste into organic fertilizer that can be used for organic farming, gardening, and landscaping.
  7. Calendly is dedicated to simplifying how people connect with each other and get things done. Their easy to use automated scheduling software was designed to make organizing meetings simpler and less time-consuming. 
  8. Yac is an app designed to cut down on meetings and calls with voice messages, searchable transcriptions, and asynchronous screen sharing.
  9. AllHere is a chatbot software designed to reduce chronic absenteeism and foster success among students. Using artificial intelligence, the startup’s virtual advisor communicates 24/7 via automated two-way texting, proactively sending nudges and leveraging a customized knowledge base to ensure each family and student receives the right support at the right time. 
  10. Kiira Health is a telehealth platform for collegiate women focused on addressing women’s health inequities.
  11. Mae is a culturally competent digital health platform that connects Black expectant mothers with critical resources to drive positive pregnancy outcomes. 

We can make a difference by patronizing Black-owned businesses, and advocating for policies that foster an inclusive and equitable business landscape. Together, let’s build a stronger and more prosperous community for all.