April 26, 2023

Register for the Tapia 2023 Conference!

The CMD-IT/ACM Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing Conference brings together a diverse community of more than 2,000 undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, researchers, and professionals in computing and tech. Join us in person in Dallas, TX, September 13 – 15, 2023, for an opportunity to attend stimulating and informative panels and workshops covering technical topics, professional development, and broadening participation in computing. In addition, the Tapia Career Fair offers a unique opportunity for conference attendees to meet, network, and interview with representatives from industry, government, academia, and nonprofits.

Tapia 2023 Conference Keynotes Speakers

Tapia 2023 will feature keynote speakers Dr. Armando Solar-Lezama and Tara Astigarraga. Dr. Solar-Lezama is a Professor, Associate Director, and COO at MIT CSAIL, the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.  He will kick off the final morning of the conference on Friday, September 15 to give the Ken Kennedy Distinguished Lecture. His research is focused on the development of tools and techniques that can exploit massive computing power to help programmers tackle challenging programming problems. His research ranges from the design of new analysis techniques and automated reasoning mechanisms to the development of new programming models that automate challenging aspects of programming. 

Tara Astigarraga is a Distinguished Engineer and Master Inventor with IBM Systems Assurance. She has more than 70 patents to her name and is a passionate STEM K-12 mentor. Tara has worked in the areas of Enterprise Storage, Server and Networking Solutions, and Watson Research building Enterprise Hybrid Cloud and Blockchain Solutions for Technology Support Services with IBM.  We will hear about Tara’s work in these key areas during the Friday evening Banquet.

Tapia 2023 Conference Highlights 

Some of the conference highlights include:  

    • Student Professional Development Workshop, undergraduate and master’s students can receive coaching and development from industry and government professionals on the job application and interview process. 
    • Career Fair for attendees to engage with representatives from industry, academia, government and non-profits
    • Below is a sample of the engaging panels and workshops on technical, broadening participation and professional development topics:
      • Time Series Biomedical Imaging and Computational Epidemiology
      • Developing Large-Scale Parallel Programs in Python with Parsl
      • Supporting Neurodivergent Students in Classrooms and in the Workplace
      • Black Women United: Amplifying The Voices of Black Women in Computing
      • Reframing the Conversation About Impostor Syndrome: Taking the “Impostor” Out of the Phenomenon
      • Academic Integrity in the Era of Stack Overflow, Chegg, ChatGPT, and Similar Resources

View the full Tapia Conference schedule by clicking here. Registration questions can be sent to Early bird registration ends June 30, 2023.