March 27, 2023

Spotlight on National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month was created in 1987 by President Ronald Regan under Proclamation 5613. During the month of March, we come together to shine a light on the countless ways people with different abilities form strong and diverse communities. At CMD-IT, we know firsthand how crucial diversity in the workforce really is, especially in the fields of computing and tech. 

A nationwide campaign led by the National Association of Councils on Developmental Disabilities (NACDD) is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of including people with developmental disabilities in all areas of community life. In addition, building a better understanding of what barriers to inclusion still exist in the U.S. is a goal of the campaign. This year, the campaign’s theme is ‘Beyond the Conversation,’ and it features artwork by Jamila Rahimi. 

“After the conversation, what comes next,” is the question that national partners, local communities, and advocates around the U.S. will ask themselves throughout the month of March this year. In addition, the NACDD and other partners are spotlighting and celebrating people living with developmental disabilities, as well as the work being done to improve inclusion for all. Together, everyone can help raise awareness about the disparities and consider new ways to reduce the barriers people with developmental disabilities still face around the world, as well as in our own communities.

CMD-IT Celebrates the Importance of Inclusion in IT 

At CMD-IT, we represent the future of the computing and tech industries, comprising a diverse and innovative group of professionals working to ensure that the technology of the future is inclusive for all. We know firsthand that diversity propels innovation. To build the technology and design the best solutions for everyone in the future, we must continue to build a diverse and representative tech sector. 

Celebrating the diverse members of our CMD-IT community is essential to our work promoting inclusion in the workforce of the future. Together, we can showcase that increasing diversity in science, technology, and computing fields is essential to building an equitable future for all. To get involved, share personal stories, and answer the question, ‘After the conversation, what comes next,’ you can use the hashtags #DDAM and #BeyondTheConversation on social media.

We’ll be tweeting right along with you at @cmdit