LEAP Alliance Events

The LEAP Alliance programs include mentorship, professional development and community building with a focus on ensuring students are informed about academic career opportunities and inclusion in the tech sector.

Below is a list of upcoming events for the LEAP Alliance community, which consists of undergraduate students from LEAP target communities (LEAP Scholars), doctoral students from LEAP target communities (LEAP Fellows), and the supporting faculty and staff at each LEAP Institution (LEAP Advocates).

For LEAP Scholars

Spring 2024
Virtual Webinar REU Programs

Virtual session focused on programs and curriculum components that expose undergraduate students to research opportunities and experiences. Topics covered will include advice for application process, benefits, and tips for finding REUs.


Past Events

Part 1:  Why Go to Graduate School: Diverse Perspectives

Dr. Wing Lam, Assistant Professor, George Mason University (former LEAP Fellow)
Dr. Chinasa Okolo, Fellow, The Brookings Institution (former LEAP Fellow)

Part 2:  Why Go to Graduate School:  Faculty Perspectives

The Faculty Perspectives sessions will provide an opportunity to learn about the research areas at different institutions.

Part 2A: Cornell University, Princeton University and University of Washington
Part 2B: MIT, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and University of Maryland

Part 3:  Why Go to Graduate School:  Graduate Application Review from LEAP Fellows

The Graduate Application Review session provides an opportunity to gain insights about effective graduate applications from the perspective of current doctoral students.

For LEAP Fellows

Academic Year 2023-2024

Invited Research Talks @ LEAP Institutions
The Invited Research Talks are in person campus visits to a host LEAP Institution where you can present your research, network, tour the environment and meet Faculty.

Spring 2024

Early Program Academic Careers Workshop
New workshop for second and third year PhD students that will focus on and promote the advantages of academic careers while providing a realistic view of Faculty professional roles and work-life balance.
The workshop will feature panels of Faculty from our target communities and provide an opportunity to make strategic connections/network, practice research presentation and writing of research papers.  This workshop is organized by CMD-IT in collaboration with CAHSI and AccessComputing.


Summer 2024

Academic Careers Workshop
6/6/24 – 6/9/24
Chicago, IL
Workshop for senior doctoral students, postdocs, and early career faculty (assistant- and associate-level faculty) organized by CMD-IT in collaboration with CAHSI and AccessComputing that provides a mentoring opportunity for our target communities focused on navigating the academic career ladder.
Apply by March 11, 2024

For LEAP Advocates

February 2024

Cohort 2 All Hands Meeting
2/1/24 – 2/2/24
Houston, Texas
In person meeting and planning session for LEAP Alliance Cohort 2 Advocates.

March 2024

Cohort 1 All Hands Meeting
2/29/24 – 3/1/24
Houston, Texas
In person meeting and planning session for LEAP Alliance Cohort 1 Advocates.