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It is well known that mentoring activities are critical for successful promotions in the professoriate. Such activities are especially needed for ethnic minorities and people with disabilities in the field of computing, where the number at a given institution is usually very small. The goal of the workshop is to mentor under-represented assistant- and associate-level faculty and senior doctoral students about the academic career ladder. The workshop will include panels of diverse senior faculty talking about the tenure and promotion process, launching a research program, professionalism, and a detailed session on proposal writing. In addition, the workshop will include a discussion about alternative career paths. The workshops are funded by the NSF CE21 grant. Past workshops have been funded by NSF BPE Demonstration grant, CNS 0634272.

The 2020 Academic Careers Workshop is scheduled for April 2-5, 2020 in Houston,Texas. Submit an application by the February 3, 2020 deadline.

Contact: Valerie Taylor

ACW Workshop Organizing Committee