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It is well known that mentoring activities are critical for successful promotions in the professoriate. Such activities are especially needed for communities for which the numbers at a given institution are very small. The goal of the workshops is to mentor assistant- and associate-level faculty, senior doctoral students, and postdocs in computing about academic careers.  The workshops target participants from the following communities:  African Americans/Blacks, Native Americans/Indigenous, Hispanics/Latinx, and People with Disabilities.

The workshops include panels of diverse senior faculty discussing the following topics:

  • Tenure and promotion process
  • Launching a research program
  • Effective teaching strategies
  • Promotion to full professor
  • Effective strategies for proposal writing
  • Affinity Research Group Model for effect research teams

The workshops also include a panel of representatives from different funding agencies and mock proposal review sessions, whereby participants have an opportunity to review actual proposals.  The mock review sessions provide significant insights into proposal writing.

The workshops are funded by the NSF grant, CNS 1832169.

The 2021 Academic Careers Workshops are virtual workshops, consisting of 2-3 hours of sessions each day, June 13 through 18. The 2021 application is now closed.

Contact:  Mikeva Nauden

ACW Workshop Organizing Committee

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