Innovation Solutions Challenge

Current Program

How can we address our country’s biggest social issues with technology? Is there a technical solution to every issue? Or is there a way we use technology to support needed change in the country? United Nations Foundation Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) are the world’s shared plan to end extreme poverty, reduce inequality, and protect the planet by 2030. Addresses the world’s problems with. Global perspective to Local Impact, what solutions can you design to address these SDGs?

Individual/Team Participants

CMD-IT Innovation Solutions Challenge is great for connecting with broader community, collaborate to solve a problem in your community or take on large scale world problems through creativity. What a great opportunity for participants to gain insights on the application of technology with real problems. Partnering with industry companies

  • Upskill your technical acumen
  • Collaborate with those highly impacted by issues
  • Get advice from industry professionals on technical approach and design.

CMD-IT uses ChallengeRocket platform which provides great avenue to submit your challenges, connect with others and take coding challenges. The platform uses AI/Machine Learning in coding challenges to provide instant real-time feedback for participants that want to test and improve their programming or scripting skills. Identify where you need work and improve with time to help you strengthen your development skills.

Industry Sponsors

Companies participate as solution and technical advisors to participants. ChallengeRocket is a perfect complement to your hiring practices that helps your Engineering hiring managers insights into Computing and Technology talent. Engage with candidates, collaborate with future Software Engineers on projects and engage your staff in solving community and global problems with technology approach

  • Approach amazing diverse talent
  • Post Internships and Job Opportunities
  • Evaluate and advice candidates on skill levels

Everyone wins with this program and continues to build technical networks and relationships between talented diverse candidates and potential employers.