Former Program

Grace Hopper Underrepresented Women in Computing (UWiC) Committee

The Underrepresented Women in Computing (UWiC) provides content for the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Conference. The content focuses on issues related to women from the following historically underrepresented groups: African American, Hispanic, Native American, and People with Disabilities. The UWiC committee was formed to develop content for Hopper 2012. Since that time, the committee has organized panels focused on underrepresented women at each subsequent Hopper Conference. In addition, UWiC is involved with the Women of Color luncheon and the speed mentoring sessions.

Underrepresented Women in Computing Committee

  • Co-chair: Kimberly McLeod, CMD-IT
  • Co-chair: Rosario Robinson,
  • Brianna Blaser, AccessComputing
  • Adriana Compagnoni, ACM-W
  • Danielle Cummings, Black Women in Computing
  • Nayda Grisel Santiago, CAHSI
  • Lizabel Morales, CAHSI
  • Jamika Burge, CMD-IT
  • Valerie Taylor, CMD-IT
  • Dilma Da Silva, CRA-W
  • Mirkeya Capellan, Latinas in Computing
  • Rosa Enciso, Latinas in Computing
  • Andrea Delgado, Native American Women in Computing
  • Leisa Thompson, NCWIT